Train-the-Trainer For MEWP

Mobile Elevated Work Platform

Effectively Train your own Operators

As the title suggests, TrainMORâ„¢ Train-the-Trainer courses provide your company trainer with expertise on creating and administering a MEWP training program of your own.

The TrainMORâ„¢ Train-the-Trainer course will give YOU the tools you need to pass valuable MEWP operator and warehouse safety information on to your team.

MEWP Classroom Training

What Attendees Receive

Included in the registration for the Train the Trainer class, you will receive the following training materials for your trainer to prepare them to lead your employees through the general coursework.

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Included Materials

  • Instructor access to TrainMOR's Train-the-Trainer resource program
  • 1 TrainMOR MEWP operator training online access code (for trainer attending course)
  • 10 Additional TrainMOR MEWP operator online access codes.
  • Electronic record keeping of all training completed
  • Electronic wallet cards sent to company contact
  • Completion certificates stored electronically, available upon request

Lunch is also included in the price of the live program.

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