TrainMOR™ Train the Trainer
For Forklift

Effectively Train your own Operators

TrainMOR Train the Trainer courses provide your company trainer with expertise on creating and administering a forklift training program of your own.

The TrainMOR Train the Trainer course will give you the tools you need to pass valuable forklift and warehouse safety information on to your team.

What Attendees Receive

Included in the registration for the Train-the-Trainer class at TrainMOR, you will have access to TrainMOR's exclusive training course, preparing trainers to lead your employees through the general coursework and hands-on instruction.

Hands-on Training Requirement

Each operator of a forklift is required to go through truck and site-specific hands-on training before issuing a permit. For trainers that means after you have conducted classroom training, you must then perform hands-on training, on the shop floor with each employee, on the truck they will be operating.

Conducting Hands-On Training

Instruction is given for trainers to conduct the hands-on training at your job site. If you would like to have TrainMOR come onsite for hands-on training after the classroom training has been completed, contact us at There will be a fee for travel to your facility to perform this training.

What you will receive after completing the TTT course

Each trainer will receive a completion certificate, training resources for administering training at your company and coupon codes for your employees to take the online training course. Also, with the purchase of the Train the Trainer course, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional access codes for 1 year after the course, at a steep discount.

Signing Up for Train-the-Trainer

Go to and select the course that you would like to register for.

If you are paying for one of your employees to attend, no worries. Trainers attending the course will sign up for their own training account on the day of the course.

If you would like to have an onsite Train-theTrainer class of 4 or more students please contact us directly at

Included Materials

  • Instructor access to TrainMOR's Train the Trainer resource program
  • 1 TrainMOR forklift operator training online access code (for trainer attending course)
  • 5 additional TrainMOR forklift operator online access codes ($745 value at $149 each)
  • Electronic record keeping of all training completed
  • Electronic wallet cards sent to company contact
  • Completion certificates stored electronically, available upon request
  • Forklift daily inspection check sheets

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If you are an individual seeking certification on your own, click here to learn what steps to take to get your operator permit