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  • Does it pay to pay attention?

    Operating a forklift in a busy, fast-paced environment can be hazardous. Forklifts must navigate around other vehicles, pedestrians, ramps, uneven surfaces, slippery floors, poor lighting, and blind spots. Environmental awareness is a critical part of forklift operator safety training to avoid accidents and injuries. By paying attention to environmental hazards, operators can prevent accidents and reduce the cost of doing business. In this article, we will explore the major environmental hazards that forklift operators face and how to handle them. We will also introduce TrainMOR, Morrison’s Forklift Operator Training company, which offers tailored training programs for businesses to ensure their operators are properly trained and equipped to handle any situation.


  • Fatal Forklift Accidents: A Disturbing Trend in the United States

    Forklifts are an essential piece of equipment used in many industries to transport materials and goods. However, despite their usefulness, they pose significant risks to workers if not used properly. Fatal forklift accidents are a major concern in the United States, and the numbers are alarming.

  • 5 Common (Avoidable) Forklift Operator Mistakes

    Forklifts are potentially dangerous pieces of industrial equipment, and, unfortunately, even the best forklift operators make mistakes. Some are relatively minor errors, like forgetting to check the battery’s charge. However, some errors are very serious, risking the safety of pedestrians and operators, as well as damage to equipment and products. 

  • Are your forklifts ready for Christmas?

    No. We’re not asking if your forklifts are prepared with festive lights and decorations. What we’re asking is are your trucks ready for the busy-ness of the holiday shopping season?

  • Safe Winter Operation for Forklifts and MEWPs

    This blog post will summarize the most important things you can do to protect operators and equipment and maintain safety during winter. 

  • When to Replace Your Forklift Tires

    Forklifts routinely support large amounts of weight and the base of that weight are the tires of the machine. The average forklift is three-times that of the average car, so having adequate tires are important to staying safe while using the vehicle.

  • Operating MEWPs and Forklifts in Winter Conditions

    Every winter season, operators of MEWPs and forklifts are faced with a new set of challenges. Winter conditions do not always lend to the safest working environments, and therefore, operators must take special precautions once the weather starts getting colder.