"mewps" Articles

  • Safety tips for operating a Mobile Elevating Work Platform outdoors

    MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) are useful tools in an industrial environment, allowing operators to reach heights that are otherwise out of reach. But when MEWPS are used outside, there are certain weather conditions that severely impact safe MEWP operation.

    This blog post will explain the hazards and how to manage them.

  • Safe Winter Operation for Forklifts and MEWPs

    This blog post will summarize the most important things you can do to protect operators and equipment and maintain safety during winter. 

  • Top 4 MEWP Safety Hazards

    Recognize and avoid the four major safety concerns associated with MEWPs. 

  • Video: Don't be fooled! Pick the Right Plug to Charge Your MEWP

    There is nothing worse than turning on a machine and realizing it has little to no battery charge. Watch the short video "Don't be fooled! Pick the Right Plug to Charge Your MEWP!"

  • Video: Avoid Tipovers! Check your Weight Capacities and More

    Did you know that tip-overs are the number one type of accident fatality on a scissor lift? That may leave you asking, how do I prevent tipping over while using a scissor lift? Watch the short video "Avoid Tipovers! Check your Weight Capacities and More"

  • Video: Do You Know Where Your Emergency Lowering Device Is?

    Have you practiced using the emergency lowering device on your hydraulic lift? If not, you will want to become familiar with where this device is and how it works so that you know how to lower your lift in the event of an emergency. Watch the short video "Do You Know Where Your Emergency Lowering Device Is?"

  • Video: SAIA Required Manual of Responsibilities

    More than likely, you are already familiar with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), as they create the standards for all MEWPs and MEWP operation in the US. What you may not know is that the Scaffold and Access Industry Association (SAIA) distributes these standards in a publishable format, specifically, as a physical manual called the SAIA Manual of Responsibilities. Watch the short video about “SAIA Required Manual of Responsibilities”

  • Operating MEWPs and Forklifts in Winter Conditions

    Every winter season, operators of MEWPs and forklifts are faced with a new set of challenges. Winter conditions do not always lend to the safest working environments, and therefore, operators must take special precautions once the weather starts getting colder.

  • MEWPs and the Elevated Risks: Creating a Rescue Plan

    When you have Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) in use in your workplace, the threshold for accidents is inevitably higher. If any of your employees are utilizing these kinds of equipment, what are your plans in case of an accident?