Video: Don't be fooled! Pick the Right Plug to Charge Your MEWP

Aug 01 2020 MEWPs Video

Video Link: Charging your MEWP

There is nothing worse than turning on a machine and realizing it has little to no battery charge.

Before you assume it’s a battery issue, double-check how you’re charging your equipment. You’ll want to charge your equipment on the charging area as indicated by the battery-label. You’ll want to avoid plugging the machine into the equipment plugs located on the machine itself.

Once you’ve plugged your machine in, give it time to complete a full charge. Partially charging the battery can slow you down and interrupt your workflow once you get started. Remember to remind your operators on how to charge the machine correctly, and to charge each machine when not in use so that when you come in the next day, you won’t get stuck with a piece of equipment you can’t use.

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