Video: Do You Know Where Your Emergency Lowering Device Is?

Apr 15 2020 MEWPs Video

Have you practiced using the emergency lowering device on your hydraulic lift? If not, you will want to become familiar with where this device is and how it works so that you know how to lower your lift in the event of an emergency.


To locate the device, review your machine-specific manual for information on where this feature is located, or perform a visual inspection of the machine, looking out for the label “emergency lowering”. Each piece of equipment may have a slightly different variation of where this lowering device is located, so when in doubt, refer to your manual.


Practice using this feature by raising your platform a few feet in the air, and then lowering it using the emergency lowering device. By reviewing this feature with every pre-operational inspection, you are ensuring that you know how to utilize the device if you must lower the hydraulic lift in the event of an emergency. Operators should be well-versed and practiced in utilizing the emergency lowering device on their hydraulic lifts, as this can prevent accidents and contribute to a workplace culture of safety.

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