Video: Avoid Tipovers! Check your Weight Capacities and More

Feb 01 2024 | 1 Min. Read MEWPs Video

Did you know that tip-overs are the number one type of accident fatality on a scissor lift? That may leave you asking, how do I prevent tipping over while using a scissor lift? Watch the short video "Avoid Tipovers! Check your Weight Capacities and More"

Watch this short video!


First, know the weight limit on your machine. The label on the machine itself will indicate what the maximum weight capacity will be, in addition to any other potential tip-over hazards such as side force (the amount of weight that can be against the machine), wind speed, occupant limit, and height limit. It is important that you stay within the boundaries of all of these indicators when using a scissor lift in order to prevent tip-overs.

All of these factors could cause a dangerous accident that is largely preventable by staying under the limits as designated by your machine. Remember to show new operators and those you are training how to operate a scissor lift where these labels are located and review them during your pre-trip inspection.

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