"video" Articles

  • VIDEO: Flat Fork Leveling Device

    Did you know that most of the forklift damage done to products is because of the forks?  Forks that aren’t positioned properly can puncture and tear product packaging.  Poorly positioned forks may also snag shelving or lead to spills.

  • VIDEO: Keep Your Hands Inside the Compartment at All Times!

    A forklift operator's hand wrapped around the operator compartment upright might seem like a rather inconsequential action until you consider that hand being accidentally scraped against a wall or crushed against an object. Watch the short video "Keep Body Parts Inside Forklift Compartment!".

  • Video: Legible Labels Avoid Liability - Quick Tip to Replace Them

    Operators are instructed to refer to the safety labels on their equipment to answer operation questions and ensure safe operation. Therefore, it is especially important to be sure the labels on your equipment are legible and able to be read by operators.

  • Tow Pin Video Short

    Before operating your lift truck are you making sure you have a tow pin in place? Watch this short video about "Do you have a Tow Pin? Check your Operator's Manual"

  • Video: Warning! 17 Scenarios That Could Cause Death or Injury

    Your lift truck may be your biggest resource to avoiding and anticipating accidents if your labels are legible and you can read your overhead warnings. Watch the short video "Warning! 17 Scenarios That Could Cause Death or Injury".

  • Video: Don't be fooled! Pick the Right Plug to Charge Your MEWP

    There is nothing worse than turning on a machine and realizing it has little to no battery charge. Watch the short video "Don't be fooled! Pick the Right Plug to Charge Your MEWP!"

  • Video: Avoid Tipovers! Check your Weight Capacities and More

    Did you know that tip-overs are the number one type of accident fatality on a scissor lift? That may leave you asking, how do I prevent tipping over while using a scissor lift? Watch the short video "Avoid Tipovers! Check your Weight Capacities and More"