VIDEO: Flat Fork Leveling Device

Apr 01 2021 Safety Video

Did you know that most of the forklift damage done to products is because of the forks?  Forks that aren’t positioned properly can puncture and tear product packaging.  Poorly positioned forks may also snag shelving or lead to spills.

Most problems arise because the mast is not square to the ground.  If the mast tilts forward, the forks tilt forward, and the load may fall off.  If the mast tilts backward, the back of the forks may snag on the shelf and the front may hit the product.

It can be hard for operators to judge if the forks are level, so we recommend an easy-to-use safety tool such as the FlatFork leveling device.  It’s a straight-forward, three-step process:

1.    Calibrate the FlatFork device by attaching it to the forks and then tilting the mast to vertical. (The middle light on the device should be lit.)
2.    Attach the calibrated FlatFork to the side of the mast.
3.    Adjust the position of the mast until the middle light is illuminated on the FlatFork device.

According to OSHA regulations mast/fork position is very important. Regulation 1910.178(o)(6) states “Extreme care shall be used when tilting the load forward or backward….”  Our video explains how to use this simple device to keep things “on the level.”

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