"safety" Articles

  • Top Safety Devices for Your Forklift

    Some accessories that outfit your forklift truck for safety.

  • Forklift Train-the-Trainer Class - Grand Rapids

    TrainMOR's Forklift Train-the-Trainer course provides your company trainer with expertise on creating and administering a forklift operator training program of your own, giving you the tools you need to pass valuable forklift and warehouse safety information on to your team.

  • VIDEO: Flat Fork Leveling Device

    Did you know that most of the forklift damage done to products is because of the forks?  Forks that aren’t positioned properly can puncture and tear product packaging.  Poorly positioned forks may also snag shelving or lead to spills.

  • Top 4 MEWP Safety Hazards

    Recognize and avoid the four major safety concerns associated with MEWPs. 

  • Forklift safety for pedestrians. It’s essential for your plant.

    How can we protect pedestrians in the workplace from forklift accidents and injuries? Pedestrians need training too!

  • Video: Legible Labels Avoid Liability - Quick Tip to Replace Them

    Operators are instructed to refer to the safety labels on their equipment to answer operation questions and ensure safe operation. Therefore, it is especially important to be sure the labels on your equipment are legible and able to be read by operators.

  • Why You Need a Workplace Safety Program and How We Can Help

    Consistent workplace safety programs help companies stay on top of safety training, remain OSHA compliant and avoid undesirable outcomes.

  • When to Replace Your Forklift Tires

    Forklifts routinely support large amounts of weight and the base of that weight are the tires of the machine. The average forklift is three-times that of the average car, so having adequate tires are important to staying safe while using the vehicle.

  • Video: Warning! 17 Scenarios That Could Cause Death or Injury

    Your lift truck may be your biggest resource to avoiding and anticipating accidents if your labels are legible and you can read your overhead warnings. Watch the short video "Warning! 17 Scenarios That Could Cause Death or Injury".

  • The Hidden Costs of Operator Error

    When you are investing in workplace safety, such as maintaining your equipment or installing new safety signage in the workplace, do you ever wonder how much an on-the-job injury could potentially cost your company? The truth is that there are multiple factors to consider when calculating the total cost of an injury. With each injury that occurs on the job, your company could incur healthcare/legal expenses, OSHA fines, financial losses due to decreased productivity, and other indirect expenses. When you look at the big picture, all of these hidden costs can really add up!