VIDEO: Keep Your Hands Inside the Compartment at All Times!

Feb 01 2021 Safety Video

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Anyone in manufacturing or warehousing knows that forklifts are potentially dangerous. They’re heavy, can tip over, and operate around people.  We all know the potential dangers, but since forklifts are so common in our work environments, we may forget.

Operators are not immune to this forgetfulness. After all, they’re under pressure to move items quickly while remembering a bewildering array of do’s and don’ts.  Is it any wonder they may forget a rule now and then? Sadly, when potential dangers become real accidents, operators are usually the ones who get hurt.

Reminders can help, but if they’re going to be effective, they need to be quick, memorable, and not preachy.  TrainMOR  has developed a library of video shorts for just this reason.  Here’s the next in our series, titled “Keep Body Parts Inside!”. It focuses on a common practice among forklift operators, that is, letting a body part (like a hand, arm or leg) extend outside of the equipment’s protective compartment.

According to OSHA regulations [29 CFR 1910.178(m)(4)], “the employer shall prohibit arms or legs from being placed between the uprights of the mast or outside the running lines of the truck.”  Our video presents this message clearly by pointing out a common but dangerous practice - a forklift operator’s hand wrapped around an operator compartment upright. Seems like a rather innocent action until you consider that hand being accidentally scraped or against a wall or crushed against an object.

The human body is no match for the weight and force of a forklift.  We urge you to train your operators thoroughly. Contact TrainMOR for information on our mobile, memorable and measurable training courses. Visit our YouTube channel for our series of video shorts that offer quick operator safety reminders.

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