Making It Stick: The Key to Effective Forklift Operator Training

Apr 01 2024 | 2 Min. Read Training
To ensure the safety and efficiency of your forklift operators, you need a training program that not only adheres to OSHA guidelines but also creates a lasting impact on their daily performance.

Operations with few to no forklift-related injuries result from effective operator training. Yes, OSHA requires a combination of formal instruction, practical training, and workplace performance evaluation for compliance and thoroughness.

Our training programs are truly effective because we:

 1. Make it Memorable: Interactive, live classroom settings with qualified instructors encourage active participation and make content relevant and meaningful.

 2. Make it Mobile: Quality online courses with video, content, supporting materials, and instructor support are essential for many companies. A supportive mobile platform allowing participants to interact with instructors is crucial.

 3. Make it Matter: Practical training and evaluation on your specific equipment in your workplace bring classroom learning to where it matters most. This is required by OSHA for initial certification and continuing training.

Many forklift training programs are incomplete online programs that don't prepare operators for real-world situations. TrainMOR trainers offer real-world experience and years of training expertise that sticks with operators:

“The training still stays with me. There is probably not a day that goes by when I’m on that lift truck that I don't think about that class now.” --TrainMOR student

Our programs combine the principles of safe operation with your specific lift truck design, creating memorable, long-lasting, easily applied training. This increases operator safety and minimizes risk.

TrainMOR's curriculum focuses on real-world elements such as using seat belts, keeping forks at the proper height, traveling in reverse when forward vision is blocked, sounding the horn at dangerous locations, keeping body parts inside the lift truck, ensuring the lift truck is in safe working condition, and operating at a controlled speed while considering surface conditions and obstructions.

The most effective operator training is memorable, mobile, and matters. Training is only as useful as what operators remember, access, and apply daily.

Contact TrainMOR today to learn more about the training programs we provide and what fits your business needs best!



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