The Clock is Ticking for Compliance: The new ANSI 92 MEWP Standards

Oct 01 2019 | 3 Min. Read MEWPs Standards

Has your company already reviewed the new OSHA Regulation 1926.453 and ANSI/SAIA A92.22 & A92.24 standards for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)? With the compliance deadline quickly approaching, now is the right time to get started on becoming compliant with the new rules. NOTE: COMPLIANCE DEADLINE MOVED TO JUNE 2020.

The Inside Scoop

So what are these new standards all about? The newest ANSI A92 standards, in short, are updates to training and manufacturing standards that will change the way operators and businesses handle working with Mobile Elevating Work Platforms or MEWPs.

As far as training and retraining is concerned, you might be unsure or unaware of what is important to your operation. Just a few of the important highlights of the new compliance standards are:

  • Term Changes—What was once known in the industry as Aerial Work Platform (AWP), is now going to be referred to and known as Mobile Elevating Work
    Platforms (MEWP).
  • Updated User-Standard—The new user guideline states that operators of MEWPs must be capable, physically and mentally, to operate the machinery
    before usage.
  • New Electric Hazards Rule—The new standards include a new 10-foot-rule for operators and electrical lines, although they are permitted to be closer to power
    lines if they are qualified to do so.
  • Training Changes—Supervisors of MEWP operators are required to have a specific supervisor training, in addition to the requirement of clear and easy to
    understand training for operators of MEWPs.
  • Continuing Education Requirement—Even if you’ve already trained your MEWP operators in the previous standards, you’ll need to re-train them for the
    new standards.

These highlights are not an exhaustive list of everything that is changing. Therefore, you can imagine that the new standards are going to not only be a lot of information
to learn, but also to train!

Use your resources: we all need a hand sometimes

You may decide to do this training internally within your company's training department. However, this option will require you having to retrain your training personnel in addition to creating instructional material to then train MEWP operators and supervisors. This option is fairly time-consuming and might put you past the December deadline. If this is the situation you’re in, there is a better option.

It is more efficient to utilize a training company that is already well-versed in the new standards, as it would speed up your compliance process and ensure you are ready for the deadline. The benefits of having someone take over your training are endless; it saves you time, money, and unneeded stress while you’re learning the new guidelines and preparing for implementation. Plus, with options like TrainMOR’s online learning courses, getting compliant is convenient and easy to integrate into a busy workday.

Becoming compliant with new guidelines is never easy. There is always a learning curve for everyone involved. When considering your path of least resistance on the road to compliance, use your resources and save your company the headache of having to interpret guidelines and create training material.

The deadline is right around the corner; before you get caught out of compliance, make sure that you get caught up on the new ANSI A92 standards!

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